Custom Container Modifications

Our Custom Box containers combine innovative solutions with excellent quality and workmanship. From conception and design to construction, delivery and deployment we work with our customers every step of the way. With over 15 years experience in shipping container modifications we can help you develop your project on time and on budget. Box Container Group can provide full engineering services and renderings as required for each individual project.

Examples of our Custom Box solutions:

  • Full service sanitary units
  • Mobile offices & workstations
  • Maintenance units
  • Water filtration units
  • Military applications
  • Electrical control rooms 
  • Portable athletic equipment rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Server rooms
Turn-Key Solutions

Our custom containers are built in our workshop, eliminating the usual hassles of construction and installation. Custom Box solutions are ready for use on delivery.


Our team of innovative experts will find a suitable solution to meet your needs, regardless of the purpose and functionality that your project requires.

High Quality

From design to completion, we build your container project to withstand the test of time. We build with high quality materials that will endure the rigours of the environment.

Cost Effective

Our designs are modular in nature and built to be mobile, offering our clients every chance to maximize space and revenues before moving on to the next activation or project site.

Built to Last

While many people think of shipping container spaces as temporary alternatives to brick-and-mortar buildings, with today’s advanced technology, they don’t have to be. 

Shipping containers are designed to withstand the rigors of life at sea. As a result, they make an excellent modular base for a building that will stand the test of time — even in environments that experience extreme humidity, heavy rains, wind or other harsh weather conditions. 

The average lifespan of a shipping container building varies according to the amount of work and modifications done to it. Even a bare bones modification — without insulation, exterior cladding or other features to protect it from the elements — can still be counted on to last anywhere between 10-25 years, if properly cared for. More comprehensive builds, that have been specifically designed with longevity in mind, may last 50 years or longer.


Most simple projects can be built out over a 4-6-week lead time, For a detailed quote and timeline for your project, get in touch with Box Container Group to arrange a meeting with one of our representatives.

We can build / modify anything for a container from a simple door to fully insulated high end retail complex.

Our Custom Modified Container solutions include:

  • Full Service Sanitary Units
  • Mobile Offices & workstations
  • Maintenance Units
  • Water Filtration Units
  • Military applications
  • Electrical control Rooms
  • Portable athletic Equipment rooms

Yes, we can provide you with a turn-key solution or work hand in hand with your developers, engineers, electricians, etc.

When outfitted with the proper insulation and HVAC technology, a shipping container building is a comfortable year-round space for both living and working.