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Emergency Response & Disaster Recovery

In an effort to help with the unprecedented need for solutions to the global pandemic, Box Container Group offers disaster relief and emergency response solutions to help businesses and communities.

We can quickly provide modular hygiene stations, decontamination units, drive through testing stations, isolation units, intensive care units and more. With our large manufacturing capacity and rapid deployment our modular container solutions can be shipped within days and are ready to operate once they arrive on site.

Emergency Response Division

Portable Container Hand Wash Stations

Box Container Group offers fully certified designed and engineered portable container hand wash stations. Our stand alone units offer convenient and efficient hand washing options. Easily deployable with self-powering options. Perfect for:

  • Industrial & construction sites
  • Commercial & retail properties
  • Municipal, parks & public spaces
  • Sports stadiums & concert venues
  • Ports & government facilities

Available in two standard sizes:

  • 10 Ft HWC (800 hand washes per replenishment)
  • 20 Ft HWC (1600 hand washes per replenishment)

IMPORTANT – Our Handwash Container Units meet all Canadian occupational health and safety codes. They also have the option to be connected directly to existing water infrastructure (if available)


Each modular unit is easy to move and install, making them the perfect option for quick deployment in a wide variety of places.


We designed this solution directly in response to the current emergency. Each container is simple to sanitize and maintain.


Provide your customers with a quick and easy way to wash their hands. We'll take care of replacing components so you can focus on your business.


Time is of the essence, so we've engineered this solution to streamline your emergency response. We'll take care of delivery and set up.

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Additional Standard Equipment

  • 110v single phase power
  • (2) 20amp 110v Standard Plug
  • (2) 100# Propane Cylinders
  • Stainless Steel Counter Tops
  • LED Lighting Over Sinks and Perimeter
  • Individual wall separators between each wash station
  • On Board Water Pumps (NSF Certified)
  • Fresh Water Pump Assembly
  • High Efficiency on Demand Propane Water Heater
  • All plumbing PVC & PEX
  • Plumbed for easy winterization
  • 2″ Waste Valve
  • ¾” City Water Connection
  • USB 110V outlets interior/exterior
  • Bypass valves for direct fresh water & grey water connections

*Option For Generator Power

Safe & Convenient

Our turnkey container hand wash stations offer a convenient solution to ensure improved health and safety in a wide variety of situations. Whether you’re in the private or public sector, we’re here to assist during the current emergency and beyond.


Yes, we utilize an instant hot water makeup system to provide on demand hot water for hand washing.

Yes, Box Container Group offers container hand wash stations that are fully insulated for operation during winter months. All plumbing is also winterized for optimal usage up to -20*C.

Yes, upon demand we can provide units for purchase from 4-32 wash stations. These units are custom made solutions for specialized applications.

Yes, all units have bypass valves so that they can be run autonomously or connected to existing plumbing.

The containers are delivered by Tilt N load and can be expertly placed in position, installed and operational with 15 mins. We require 60′ ft to load/unload the units. These units can also be placed in position by forklift as they have forklift pockets on the sides.

You will get between 1 & 2 weeks supply depending on the daily amount of hand washes out of a 30 lb. propane tank.