Event Box

Retail & Event Containers

BCG provides container solutions for retail, events and festivals. Whether you have 100 people attending or 100,000 we can help you with your event or festival. We offer design and branding applications for all your projects. Let us use our experience to create the best possible solution for your event.

Our unique Pop-Up Box solutions include:

  • On Demand Retail Containers
  • Food Service Resto, Kiosks & Bars
  • Experiential Marketing Containers
  • Rental Assets
  • Modular Construction Units

We are designers and builders who love innovation and challenges. We approach every project with the intention of providing the customer with a turn-key solution.

Turn-Key Solutions

Pop-Up Box containers are built in our workshop and then delivered to your site, making installation and set up a quick and easy process.

Experienced Team

Our team has vast experience designing and developing container solutions for all kinds of events, festivals and retail scenarios.

Cost Effective

The cost of a Pop-Up Box container solution versus regular wooden structures or tents is significant both in terms of construction and installation.

Stackable & Efficient

The modular nature of container structures makes them much more space efficient, compounded by the fact that they are stackable.

Impress Your Visitors

Our Pop-Up Box containers are designed and developed to express the unique personality of your brand. Pop-Up Box containers leave a lasting impression on your visitors by providing them with an exciting and immersive experience.


Most simple projects can be built out over a 4-6-week lead time, For a detailed quote and timeline for your project, get in touch with Box Container Group to arrange a meeting with one of our representatives.

We can build / modify anything for a container from a simple door to fully insulated high end retail complex.

Our Custom Modified Container solutions include:

  • Full Service Sanitary Units
  • Mobile Offices & workstations
  • Maintenance Units
  • Water Filtration Units
  • Military applications
  • Electrical control Rooms
  • Portable athletic Equipment rooms

Yes, we can provide you with a turn-key solution or work hand in hand with your developers, engineers, electrician etc.

When outfitted with the proper insulation and HVAC technology, a shipping container building is a comfortable year-round space for both living and working.