Hydroponic Grow Container

Box Container Group’s Hydroponic Grow Container is a highly engineered modular and mobile vertical production environment custom built for a wide variety of crops, botanical products and business models.

We design and modify 20’, 40’, 45’ and 53’ insulated shipping containers to provide the optimum controlled vertical environment for growing a wide range of horticultural, floriculture and agricultural products in all environments and climates. In addition to leafy greens in our grow racks, one can also grow herbs and other shallow root crops.

Our hydroponic containers are completely customizable, mobile and stackable. They can be installed in your building, on your factory roof or in your parking lot.

Harvest Consistently

With plants safe from pests and the elements, hydroponics allows for growers to grow consistently, regardless of seasonality.

Save Water

Hydroponic systems use significantly less water than soil-based farming and allow you to recycle the water you give to your plants.

Protect Year-Round

Food is typically vulnerable to extreme weather and pests. Hydroponic systems can be set up indoors, away from harmful elements.

Reduce Labor

Hydroponic systems require no tilling, weeding, heavy-lifting, or extensive stooping and kneeling. Reduce labor without affecting yields.

The Benefits of Hydroponics

Containers and hydroponic farming appear to be a natural fit because containers provide security, portability, quick deployment, consistent production platforms, and controlled environments.

This kind of indoor container farming has wide possible uses for cold, northern areas, where the costs of transport for food greatly outweigh the expense for relatively small amount of electrical energy needed to power an enclosed operation. A typical shipping container farm uses about 80 kWh of energy per day, or 30,000 kWh per year. This is about three times the average electricity consumption for a household in North America, but far below many industrial operations.

Because they recycle their own water, container farms use about 90 percent less water than a typical 1.5 acre land farm.


Box Container Groups Hydroponic Grow Box is a pre-assembled hydroponic farm inside an re-cycled Iso Shipping container. It can produce yields at commercial-scale in any climate and any season.

Depending on the type of crop being grown the average hydroponic grow container can produce you 2-4 tons of crop per year.

While annual operation costs vary, average costs are approximately $18,000 per year (including electricity, water and growing supplies).

A standard single-phase 120/240-volt 60-amp connection, or three-phase 120/208. As for the water, no hard-plumbing is necessary — just access to potable water (via garden hose, water jugs, etc.) is all you need. The average Hydroponic container consumes on average 125 kWh of energy per day, or around 36,000 kWH annually. Electricity consumption can vary based on the climate that the container is operating in.

You can grow a variety of leafy greens inside your hydroponic unit including herbs (mint, basil, oregano), lettuces (bibb, romaine, arugula), brassica (cabbage, mustard greens, Brussels sprouts, kale), and more!

Cannabis Box

Hydroponic Cannabis Container

Our Cannabis Boxes are designed for all aspects of the cannabis cultivation process. Our solutions offer licensed growers a scalable, turnkey solution that can be tailored to a grower’s specific needs.

Our Cannabis Boxes have applications with cultivation operations of all sizes, allowing small and emerging businesses to start or scale inexpensively and giving larger businesses an opportunity to efficiently take advantage of their space and resources. Our containers can be stacked high and wide to accommodate your growing demand.

Nutrient Delivery

In addition to precise climate control, hydroponics allows for precise nutrient delivery. This reduces risk of poor crop quality and increases yield.

No Herbicides

Since there’s no soil and no weeds, you don't need to use toxic chemicals like herbicides. This allows you to grow clean cannabis.

Fewer Pests

Unlike soil based farming, our rigid containers protect your valuable cannabis plants from pests, virtually eliminating risk of crop loss.

Quick Turnover

Hydroponics has no seasonal limits or soil restoration periods. Crops can be replanted immediately, allowing for maximum yield.

Turn-Key Cannabis Cultivation

Our Cannabis Boxes allow licensed growers to be up and operating in 4-6 weeks. Each pre-fabricated unit comes delivered building code compliant, unlike traditional build outs. This means less time waiting around for permits and construction, and more time growing!

All units come equipped with remote monitoring climate control systems, high intensity lighting and airflow systems. Additional sensors and controls can be implemented upon request.


Because they’re portable, secure and just the right investment size for an entrepreneur getting their feet wet in the cannabis/marijuana growing business.

Because it’s lucrative for one thing. At four to five harvests per year, you’re looking at cultivating as much as $300,000 worth of cannabis per year from a single 40 FT Container Grow Box.

Yes, sealed and Secure, because when you’re cultivating high-end strains of cannabis, or any type of crop, for that matter, you want a room in which you can regulate CO2 levels, temperature, humidity levels, and minimize the danger of mold, contaminants and insects.

Yes, they can be moved anywhere via flatbed truck or train. Just disconnect the electrical and water supplies and it can be transported to an alternative location.

We sell our Cannabis Boxes to anyone who has a certified licence to grow Cannabis in Canada & the United States of America.