Lock Box

STOREIT Smart Mobile Lockers

STOREiT is a unique state of the art mobile locker solution designed for events that offers:

  • Organizers: a new source of revenue without upfront costs.
  • Visitors: an access to private lockers to charge their mobile devices and keep all their belongings safe.
Our mobile units are a turn-key storage solution which are delivered and installed at your event site with ease. Enhance your visitor’s experience with LOKNCHARGE smart mobile lockers.
Generate Revenue

Generate additional income at your events, without up front costs and using minimal space, through locker rentals and our sponsorship program.

Easy to Use

Offer your visitors a convenient storage solution which is keyless and equipped with USB charging sockets. Payments are made easily via mobile phone.

Safe & Secure

Each mobile unit is built with rugged metal and equipped with a surveillance system so your visitors belongings are kept safe.


STOREIT units are built to withstand harsh weather conditions so locker contents are protected from the elements.

An Innovative Locker Solution For Festivals & Events

STOre enriches the experience of your visitors by:

  • Improving your visitors’ live experiences with its built-in USB socket. Allow them to stay connected at all times and share their experience on social networks.
  • Proposing a unique mobile locker system that addresses the need for visitors to secure their purchases and personal belongings at festivals or events.
  • Offering an innovative smart locker solution that allows your customers / visitors / public to avoid queues by directly renting their lockers via Paysafe’s online payment platform.
  • Advancing a turn-key eco-friendly solution using recycled shipping containers.


Lockers are available in two (2) sizes.

Standard: 6 L X 11 H X 15 P

Large: 12.5 L X 11 H X 15 P

You can reserve a locker via the official website of the event by carefully following the booking instructions. You can rent a locker at the event site by credit card only. If you want to be sure of having a locker, it is best to reserve it online before the event.

Our lockers are built from rugged metal and our mobile units are all equipped with a surveillance camera system. In addition, attendants are always present at the event site during the prescribed hours.

Visit the full STOREiT website for more info.